The Girl Behind The Brand

 Girl Native (Founded in 2018), is a reiki infused make-up and natural skincare beauty brand created to encourage indigenous women across the globe to express herself through - purpose filled beauty products.



Kia Ora!

Ko Makeo te Maunga 

Ko Waiaua te Awa

Ko Mataatua raua ko Nukutere o ngā Waka 

Ko Ngāti Rua te Hapu 

Ko Whakatohea te Iwi 

Ko Omarumutu te Marae 

No Ōpōtiki ahau

Ko Rawinia Te Urikore Rimene toku Ingoa 



My name is Rawinia and I am the founding director of Girl Native.

I created Girl Native to encompass the true essence of beauty, inclusivity and cultural diversity.

I have a passion for business, design, beauty and equality. Growing up I’ve always enjoyed using makeup and beauty products but I’ve also felt pressure in my generation to look a certain way which fuelled my purpose.  

As a Maori woman born in Wellington and bred in Ōpōtiki Aotearoa - New Zealand I understand first hand the realities of facing social issues and the effect this has on indigenous woman considering individual beauty, self-worth and self-confidence. 

I believe that when 'we' women are given the support, tools and resources needed to boost our confidence we are better able to project our true beauty within - outwards.

This could come in the form of healing, self-care tools, educational resources and beauty enhancing products to not just look, but feel confident and powerful too.

My formulations include 100% real + raw ingredients locally and ethically sourced in Aotearoa - New Zealand. This is very important to me as I grew up in a small country town where living off the land and sea was a normal way of life. I learnt the foundations of gathering and preparing Rongoā Māori (Medicine) for medicinal and healing purposes which enabled me to develop a stronger connection with  Papatuānuku (Mother Earth) and her tāonga she provides us all with. I care alot for our environment and for what we are putting into and on our bodies. Therefore, I will try my utmost best to source natural ingredients where I can.

During the formulation process of all products I use Reiki (A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands")  to infuse loving and healing intentions into my formula’s. This process brings me so much happiness knowing that each product is unique to each individual. 

"I believe beauty is not just skin deep, it starts on the inside. Love yourself first, everything else is secondary".

I hope with loving intention that whom ever you are, no matter where you come from Girl Native inspires you to encapsulate the true essence of your beauty and encourages you with confidence to be the 100% Real + Raw 'You'. 


Love Always,