Sodalite Crystal


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Sodalite Crystal
Sodalite Crystal

Sodalite Crystal

Intuition + Balance + Harmony

Embrace  natural, healing, and positive energy in your home and workspace, with these beautiful raw crystals from New Zealand brand Opal + Sage.

These make a thoughtful and gorgeous gift for loved ones in need of a little something special or a beautiful accessory for your home.

Each crystal is beautifully packaged, wrapped in tissue paper and holds a different set of energies.


Amethyst  | sleep, de-stress, healing

Rose Quartz | love, friendship, harmony

Quartz Geode | power, cleanse, protect

Citrine | success, motivate, balance

Clear Quartz | clarity, focus, positivity

Fluorite | balance, clarity, protection

Blue Calcite | calming, creativity, relaxation

Peacock Ore | uplift, positivity, joy

Orange Calcite | uplift, energise, inspire

Black Tourmaline | awareness + protection + luck

Mookaite | grounding + confidence + strength

Sodalite | intuition + balance + harmony


*Please note that each individual crystal will vary in colour, shape and size. Our image is just an example of product and size.


Sodalite Crystal
Sodalite Crystal